1961 Cushman Eagle


This Jackshaft is made of high quality billet aluminum and polished to a brilliant shine. Jackshaft now comes with 7/8 inch shaft, larger grease able bearings which lock to the shaft with setscrews in bearing collar. Redesigned with fixed positioning to eliminate most Alignment problems. 9/16 square cut shafts allow the use of Cushman sprockets. 10 1/8 inch center distance with stabilizing brackets provided to obtain the proper center distance of 10 1/8 inch. Designed for the Cast Iron Cushman Eagle conversions 1958 and up. Installation is quick and easy after the motor has been mounted in the desired position. Instructions are available upon request via Email.

Cushman Eagle Jackshaft

Priced at $470.00 for Polished (above) and $420.00 for machined finish plus S&H.

Cushman Eagle Jackshaft

Installation example only how Jackshaft should be installed. Pictures and instructions available by request. Sprocket, motor, frame not included. Example only.

Email: cometvanguard@aol.com